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Artist Intro Series - Ashtyn Sibinski

The whole idea behind north house AGENDA is that we collaborate with artists on the products that make up our collections.  These artists are the most important aspect of our shop and we are excited to formally introduce them one at a time by featuring them in our Artist Into Series.

Our next featured artist is such a delight.  Ashtyn Sibinski is a Minneapolis based painter, muralist and collage artist.  Her work is the most joyful study of shape and color.  Ashtyn collaborated with north house AGENDA on a beautiful collage print which was made up of varying shades of white, for our second collection.


1. Who...

Ashtyn Sibinski


2. What... 

This is one of my favorite paintings I completed from my recent series, The Window Collection. This body of work allowed me to find rest in repetition and routine. I love exploring uncomplicated compositions that inspire balance and comfort.



3. Where...

Here's my studio in the Northrup King Building. (Studio 364) I work here with two other incredible artists. It's the dreamiest space when the sun is beaming through the windows and I have a fresh cup of coffee in hand.

Something that inspires me while I work, are the colors around me, including the colors of my materials. Paint water is always a treat as it shifts in color and tone while I'm working. I'm inspired by my surroundings, no matter how big or small.



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