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Artist Intro Series- NIC.STUDIO

The whole idea behind north house AGENDA is that we collaborate with artists on the products that make up our collections.  These artists are the most important aspect of our shop and we are excited to begin formally introducing them one at a time by featuring them in our Artist Into Series.

We are so thrilled that our first ever Artist Intro is Nicki Lamkin of NIC.STUDIO.  She is a super talented Minneapolis painter and photographer who works in various mediums to create the most dreamy and beautiful pieces.  We were lucky enough to include three of her original paintings on raw canvas as part of collection FOUR in our shop.


1. Who...

Nicki Lamkin is the one woman team that makes up NIC.STUDIO


2. What...

This recent favorite work is called “That Fall Feeling”. This painting has some oriental influence in its shape and style, which I absolutely love but the subject still native to a Minnesotan landscape. 

3. Where...

Pictured here is my studio/office. When paintings are complete, they are hung on the wall to be admired. Oslo, my husky mix is my creative companion. There’s never a day I create that he isn’t by my side either chewing on a bone, napping or begging for some attention. 

4. Follow...


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