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Artist Intro Series- WareClay

The whole idea behind north house AGENDA is that we collaborate with artists on the products that make up our collections.  These artists are at the heart of our shop and we are excited to formally introduce them one at a time by featuring them in our Artist Into Series.

Our next featured artist is Lindsey Augustine of WareClay.  Lindsey is a Virginia based ceramist.  She is so talented and makes a wide range of pottery including candles, lamp bases, vases and mugs in a variety of beautiful glazes and styles. She is constantly experimenting and coming up with amazing new designs.  WareClay collaborated with north house AGENDA and Howard Soap Company to make some beautiful terra-cotta colored vessels for the candles in our Holiday Collection.


1. Who...

Lindsey Augustine of WareClay-

Unloading her kiln which is Lindsey's favorite part of the process!



2. What... 

Lindsey does a lot of custom work and collaborations.  Recently she has been collaborating with a local designer Lauren Liess on some gorgeous ceramic lamps.



3. Where...

Here is a photo of Lindsey throwing on the wheel with her workspace around her.  She is working on lamp bodies for her collaboration with Lauren Liess.  Something that helps Lindsey work is beautiful weather! 


4. With...

We had so much fun collaborating with Lindsey on these candles.  There is still one candle left!



4. Follow...



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